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RAW Embodiment Program

RAW Embodiment Program

Do you wish to reclaim your power in your sexuality and intimate relationships?


Do you want to deepen your connection to your own body, sexuality and pleasure?


Would you like to move beyond the pain and barriers of past sexual or relational trauma?


And do you desire to experience deep, passionate and pleasurable connections beyond the purely physical?

Sex and Sexuality is possibly the most repressed aspect of human life. We are living in a world riddled with shame, guilt and ignorance in this most essential of human experiences. If we received any education at all, it was most likely inadequate and/or from a sex-negative, fear-based abstinence approach. Thus, adding to further repression, confusion and separation from what is our fundamental birthright.


The negative consequences of this state of affairs is that many of us lack a healthy and loving relationship to our bodies and our sexuality, and the natural flow of our life-force is impeded by our conditioning, negative belief patterns and past emotional trauma. This can then flow on to inhibit our ability to experience our full pleasure potential and limit the depth of our intimate connections.


Life is all about relationships! We are built to connect deeply and to experience the full spectrum of pleasure that is available to us all. And of course, the most important relationship of all is the one we have with our self! Given the right tools, knowledge and awareness, we can all access the expansive and transformative power of our Eros as a source of fuel to enhance the fullness of our life, love and relationships.


About the Program

The RAW Embodiment Program uses a combination of Relationship and Intimacy coaching, Transpersonal processes, Tantric practice and Sexual Healing to guide you through a deep initiatory process of reclamation, empowerment and integration.


The program caters to your specific needs, desires, experiences and boundaries to provide you with a safe, comprehensive and deeply personal evolutionary process.


The program consists of 4 x 90 minute Coaching sessions and 4 x 2 hour Sexual Healing sessions. According to your preference these sessions can be combined to equal 4 x 3.5 hour power packed sessions.


The RAW Embodiment program is open to Women, Men and Couples of all sexual orientations, relationship styles and experience levels.


Some of the areas we can cover are:

·         Attuning your Physical, Emotional and Erotic bodies

·         Anatomy of Arousal

·         Overcoming the Barriers to Intimacy

·         Healing the Core Wounds

·         Sexual Polarity – The dance of the Masculine and Feminine

·         Healthy Boundaries – Consent, needs and desires

·         Shadow integration

·         Whole Being Communication

·         Self Love and moving beyond Shame

·         Sex Magic

·         The Art of Conflict

·         And much, much more


If you are looking to re-boot your sex life and revolutionise your relationships then click below to organise an obligation free video chat to discuss your needs and desires and address any questions you may have.