Relationship, Intimacy and Sexuality Coaching and Psychotherapy
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Work With Me

Life is a constant process of evolution, always moving, always growing and learning more about ourselves, the world and our place in it, and ultimately improving on who we once were, but of course it doesn’t always feel that way.


Life will always have its way of throwing us off track, often by such things as; difficult life events, trauma, crisis, relationship challenges, limiting beliefs, or simply by being uncertain around which direction to take. It is at times like these, times when we know things just have to change but we don’t quite know how, when its great to get a little extra support.  With the right support we can learn from our situation, gain deeper self insight, learn skills and tools to do things differently. We can become more empowered to take charge of our life, to amplify our personal evolution and make it a personal REVOLUTION!


I’ve made it my life’s work to be that support person for the many people I have the absolute privilege to work with. To be invited into a person’s life at a challenging time such as this is such an honour which I take very seriously, and I get such joy from witnessing my client’s progress. Maybe I’m the right person for you?

As a Counsellor, Coach and educator I offer a few different options for how you can work with me. This is going to depend on where you’re at right now, what you’d like support with, and the degree of time, energy and dedication you’re ready to commit to making serious long term change. Read below to help you decide which way to go.


This option may be right for you if you are seeking some extra emotional support, psycho-education, and guidance with a specific area of your life, or life in general. You may be in the midst of a crisis, you may feel the need to be heard and understood, or you may be seeking a supportive and objective perspective.

Counselling sessions are live video sessions and are available to individuals and couples


Deep Dive

A Deep Dive is a long term, structured, psycho-educational coaching program with specific areas of focus and goals we work towards. There are a few different options for men, women and couples.

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