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Deep Dives – Couples

Life is made up of relationships; some last just a moment and some a lifetime. As human beings we are fundamentally designed to be communal, to be connected, to be intimate. Deep down we all seek deep and meaningful relationships which provide a sense of safety, belonging and passion, and which also nurture and support our individuation, our personal growth and our freedom.


We all want to love and to be loved, but what does that even mean?


None of us were taught how to do relationship at school. Most of our parents were only able to teach us by their own example, and many of them had no clue themselves. We were left to work it out for ourselves while on the job, relationship to relationship, riding the heartbreak merry-go-round, and of course we’ve all screwed it up, time and time again, but hopefully we’ve learnt a few things along the way.


Relationship is a verb; it is not something we have it is something we DO. It is an art form, and like all art forms it requires a certain set of skills and talents, some that may come naturally and some that may need to be acquired and developed. But, as with any piece of art, every relationship is its own unique mystery, a blending of subject and subject which challenges the artist to stretch, to learn and to adapt in ways never experienced before.


Today many of us sense a much greater yet untapped potential in our intimate relating than what we’ve experienced before. We intuit that our intimate relationships can be a source of personal power, creativity and exquisite pleasure. We are no longer willing to settle for anything less than amazing, and rightly so! We’re willing to put in the work, but where do we learn the steps to this divine dance?


Below are a few ways that you can work with me to inject a new dose of life into your relationship. The options are catered to provide for a variety of commitment levels



Your personalised Relationship and Intimacy mini retreat. Either 3 or 6 hours

The (R)Evolutionary Relationship

A 3 month intensive Relationship Overhaul

to take your relationship onto the next level


the Fire

A 7 step online pre-recorded program to help couples re-ignite the passionate fire between them

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