Sexual Healing -
Relationship, Intimacy and Sexuality Coaching and Psychotherapy
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Sexual Healing

Sexual energy is the most powerful force there is. It is the creative life-force of the universe that birthed life into existence 14 billion years ago. When we are in our optimal state of health, vitality and empowerment this energy is flowing freely through us as pleasure, power, creativity and as life itself.


Our sexual energy can become blocked, restricted or distorted by such things as; physical, emotional or sexual trauma, negative self image, or body or sex shame. This can prevent our ability to experience the fullness of our sexual potential and can lead to sexual, intimacy and relational dysfunction.


Sexual Healing is a modality which weaves a combination of therapeutic coaching, psycho-education, meditation and breathwork techniques, ritual and bodywork. You are guided to reconnect with your body and experience the full spectrum of sensation, whilst safely working with the emotional and physical content that may be in the way of your optimum state of being.

What To Expect

In a Sexual healing session I combine more than 15 years of experience in Transpersonal Counselling, Coaching, Energetic Healing, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality to hold you in a safe and sacred space to allow for a transformational healing experience to occur with deep respect and honour for you and where you are on your personal journey.


Your Sexual Healing session will be guided according to your unique needs, goals and challenges at the time. Initially we will spend some time discussing your history and what you’d like to achieve. We take our time to establish a safe and comfortable working relationship and build the necessary foundations from where we can progress at an appropriate pace. We work together to tailor the right session for you and consent will always be gained before any progression.


During the bodywork section of your session you will be guided to connect with your breath, your sensation, your arousal state and your emotions as they arise. Using body work and energetic techniques on the entire body, stored emotion, blocks and past trauma can be brought to the surface and released. Here lies access to your sexual power. As you harness your sexual energy you gain an infinite resource of power, pleasure and passion available to be utilised in all areas of your life.


Bodywork often includes yoni (women) or lingam (men) massage and sacred spot healing. This is optional and can be discussed during our session.


Whilst orgasm is never the “goal” in Sacred Sexual Healing, it is likely that you will experience heightened states of arousal and waves of full bodied orgasmic bliss. It is also likely that you could experience emotional release during the session as we access stores of repressed emotion; fear, anger, grief, Joy and ecstasy, all is welcome.


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I offer you an opportunity to be held, revered, liberated and worshipped as all that you are; your power, vulnerability, radiance and your wild mysterious nature. This is an invitation for you to come home and reconnect with your divine feminine self, to let go, surrender and allow yourself to be taken deep into your ocean of infinite bliss.


Many women come to me to work with past sexual trauma. Unfortunately sexual trauma is all too common and it is greatly beneficial, when you’re ready, to work with a man you can trust to help you re-pattern the trauma and your experiences with men to then re-gain your sexual empowerment.


Some of the many benefits of Sexual Healing for women include:

enhanced sexual pleasure

increased confidence

release intimacy blocks

reduce vaginal pain

achieving deeper, longer orgasms

help lubrication

release trauma

deep relaxation

re-ignite feminine life-force energy

I offer you the opportunity to become a more present, embodied, vibrant and sexually masterful man. To come home and connect with the depth of who you are; physically, emotionally and spiritually, so you can then show up fully in all areas of your life. As a man who has been counselling and coaching men for the last 10 years, I have much to offer you.


When we unlock and master our sexual energy we can experience expansive levels of full bodied pleasure, we can help our partner open to experience states of ecstatic bliss, and together we can ride a wave of ecstasy for as long as we choose. Not only that, our sexual potency then becomes an infinite resource of creative power that we can utilise in all aspects of life. Our sexual energy can also be blocked because of past emotional, physical or sexual trauma. This is also catered for with honour, respect and safety.



Some of the many benefits of Sacred Sexual Healing include:

increased sexual pleasure

prolonged arousal

increase sexual confidence

eliminate premature ejaculation

reduce erectile dysfunction

deep relaxation

remove blocks to intimacy

I combine my skills as a Relationship and Intimacy Coach with Sexual Healing to provide you both with the tools, the awareness and the permission to deepen your intimacy, to discover each other anew, and take your relationship to the next level.


Relationships, intimacy and sex were not things we learned at school, and most of our parents didn’t have much of a clue either, so we’ve had to work it out for ourselves, on the job, and of course we’ve all made some mistakes along the way.


Today many couples are sensing new possibilities available in their relationship; they yearn to co-create an incubator for their personal and mutual growth, built on deep heart connection, raw and open communication and expansive, passionate intimacy. In your couples session we will explore how, together, you can make this a reality.


In a safe, sacred and fun space you will be guided to explore techniques in deep connection, sensual touch, sex magic, communication, boundaries and consent. Each session is catered to your specific needs, goals and desires which will be discussed at the beginning of the session. Respect, boundaries and communication are always paramount.


As your guide, while there may be some touch for demonstration purposes, always with consent, I do not participate in any sexual activity, but assist you along in your exploration together.


This is an opportunity for you both to re-meet each other at a depth you may never have known, to discover, explore and expand into an emotional, erotic and spiritual connection you’ve only ever dreamed of.

The Finer Details

Sexual Healing Fees


2 hours: $400

3 hours: $500

Note: A minimum of 3 hours is required for an initial session



3 hours: $600

4 hours: $750

1, 2 and 3 day immersive residential retreats are also available upon request. Enquire to discus more


Current Locations

Surry Hills, Sydney

Byron Bay

Home visits within the Sydney and Byron Shire area are available for an additional $50

The RAW Embodiment Program

The RAW Embodiment program is an 8 session initiatory process of Sexual and Relational Empowerment.

The program combines 4 x 90 minute video coaching sessions with 4 x 2 hour Sexual Healing sessions including homework exercises and ongoing support throughout the program.

If you would like to dive deep into your sexual and relational journey then this might be for you. Click here to read more.

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