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Stop Outsourcing Security

Stop Outsourcing Security

Well here we are at the beginning of a New Year and I’m not sure about you but I’m glad to have 2018 over with! It was HUGE year for me with so many gifts and opportunities to stretch, and one or two that I felt I could have done without, but from here I can look back with gratitude for the growth they offered.


2019 feels like an exciting and dramatically different year for me with some major changes already well underway.


One of the major themes that is arising for my 2019 is SECURITY and learning to source my sense of security from WITHIN rather than from EXTERNAL sources.


When you think of where you seek security in your life, I’m sure you think of things like; your home, relationship, family, financial stability, or your career. All these things are important to help us feel a sense of belonging and fulfillment, yet NONE of them really provide the security we think they do.


At the end of 2018 I went through a major change where I left my beautiful home and sold most of my belongings reducing a three-bedroom house to a small 2m x 1m storage unit. This was an accumulation of stuff I had gathered over the last 23 years of living in Sydney. What I didn’t realise was how attached to all this STUFF I was! I had built up an identity attached to this stuff, much of which was associated with being a father and needing to provide a home for my kids. Important stuff right? Of course! But the truth is my kids are grown up now and my role as a dad does not depend on STUFF! This was an identity I had invested in for over two decades and which no longer held true.


My reason for making this drastic choice is multi layered but basically it comes down to answering my Soul’s call to unburden myself, create freedom to be nomadic, travel and get my work out to a wider audience.


Through this process I have become acutely aware of many different areas of my life where I OUTSOURCE my SECURITY to something or someone around me, and hence have often fallen into states of insecurity when these outside sources don’t live up to the impossible task I have assigned them.


See the stark reality, and this may be difficult to swallow for some, is that all we can ever truly depend on for our own sense of security is ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we must become isolated, doggedly independent islands in a lonely and wild ocean. We can do a hell of a lot better in life with other people than we can alone. All these other aspects of life are important, they can help us, but they are not the thing we seek, they only serve as a PATHWAY TO INNER-SECURITY.


From an energetic perspective security is a Base Chakra thing, which in my opinion, is possibly the most neglected aspects of our psycho-spiritual world. The base is where we connect with the earth, our physicality, our primal nature, our inner animal and our intrinsic part in the interconnected web of nature. In our modern technological world we have isolated ourselves from this crucial aspect of our humanity, preferring the rational intellect to the primal instinct, the clean and polished to the muck and grime, the love and light to the dark and wild. In so doing we have cut ourselves off from our inner source of power and thus our security. This power source is our EROS.   


It is this isolation that leads us to desperately seek outside of ourselves for security, not realising we have it already available to us in infinite supply.


So how do we re-connect to this supply?


For me I have found that I need a regular practice that helps me connect to my body and then to the earth. A combination of being in nature, movement, emotional release and sound. I like to get my feet on the earth, visualise myself connecting my base to the molten core of mother earth and tapping that as a primal source of energy. I then use movement and sound to allow the erotic energy to move through my body, filling me up and activating each chakra on the way. I use this as part of my morning practice and then create intention to maintain that connection in moments through the day by stopping, feeling my feet on the earth, opening my base and sucking Eros from the earth up through my base. And of course, our sex can be one very effective way to connect to this power.


I also know that I need some structure in my life to feel a sense of security. In the past this has been a work place, a schedule, a routine or a home, but now in this new nomadic life these things don’t really exist and this has been a challenge for me these last few weeks. So one of my intensions for this new life is to create structure that is mobile, that exists where ever I am in the world. This looks like a weekly schedule where each day I have an intension set to address certain aspects of my business and life, and each day having some routine to it that includes a daily practice, writing, creativity, business and play.


What I also know is that, whilst I need some structure, I do not work well with rigidity. This points to being sensitive to the gifts, needs and desires of my own masculine and feminine essence. If my masculine is too rigid with rules and order my feminine feels stifled and will rebel. Yet if there is no structure at all my feminine feels a lost and flighty and nothing gets done. So this is about my inner man and woman working together, listening to each other and helping each other utilise their gifts in the most efficient, productive and joy-filled way to achieve what I desire in my life and work.


This is my path to inner security. Where do you outsource yours? And how can you take your power back and find your way to inner security?

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