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Exquisite Loving

Exquisite Loving



Do you long for your lover to meet you, really meet you, in all of your power, beauty and mystery?


Do you desire to open up to levels of pleasure you’ve only ever dreamed of?


Would you like to grow beyond the pain and disappointment of your relational past?


Or do wish to call in that lover you’ve been yearning for?

Life is made up of relationships; some last just a moment and some a lifetime. As human beings we are fundamentally designed to be communal, to be connected, to be intimate. Deep down we all seek deep and meaningful relationships which provide a sense of safety, belonging and passion, and which also nurture and support our individuation, our personal growth and our freedom.


We all want to love and to be loved, but what does that even mean?


None of us were taught how to do relationship at school. Most of our parents were only able to teach us by their own example, and many of them had no clue themselves. We were left to work it out for ourselves while on the job, relationship to relationship, riding the heartbreak merry-go-round, and of course we’ve all screwed it up, time and time again, but hopefully we’ve learnt a few things along the way.


Relationship is a verb; it is not something we have it is something we DO. It is an art form, and like all art forms it requires a certain set of skills and talents, some that may come naturally and some that may need to be acquired and developed. But, as with any piece of art, every relationship is its own unique mystery, a blending of subject and subject which challenges the artist to stretch, to learn and to adapt in ways never experienced before.


The Exquisite Loving program is that relationship school we all missed out on.


Whether you are currently in a relationship that you’d like to improve, you’re actively seeking your next relationship or you’ve recently exited a relationship, you will be provided with the skills, knowledge and awareness to become a more engaged, passionate and proficient lover.


Exquisite Loving is an 8 week personal coaching program which caters for you and your personal needs and circumstances, and while this program is designed for women, it is open to women of all sexual orientations.


As your guide, confidant and partner on this journey I will “meet” you, truly meet you in your fullness, in your depth, beauty and strength. You will have access to my wealth of experience and unique insights from counselling and coaching thousands of men and couples. Backed up by my training with some of the worlds great relationship therapists such as Esther Perel, Terry Real and John Gottman, blended with my extensive experience in Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, and of course, informed by a substantial relationship resume with all of my mistakes and successes, I will partner with you along your own journey to relationship mastery.


Some of the items that will be covered are:


  • Empowered Vulnerability
  • The Mystery of Man
  • Energy Anatomy – Attuning your Physical, Emotional and Erotic body
  • Whole Being Communication
  • Overcoming the Barriers to Intimacy
  • Sacred Union – The dance of the Masculine and Feminine, within and without
  • Healthy Boundaries – Consent, needs and desires
  • Exploring and Integrating Sexual Shadow
  • Healing the Core Wounds – Abandonment & Rejection
  • Self Love and moving from Shame
  • Sexual Magic
  • The Art of Conflict
  • And much, much more


The program consists of 8 x 1 hour 1 on 1 personal coaching sessions held either by video conference or in my work space in Coledale, south of Sydney, according to your location and convenience. You will also be required to complete numerous tasks, exercises, worksheets and processes between sessions to help embody the discoveries gained in our sessions.


If this is calling to you and you feel drawn to work with me on this program then please click the button below to fill out an obligation free inquiry form and arrange an introductory call. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.