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Womens Coaching

Women, you are living in a monumentally exciting chapter in the human evolutionary story. The world of Womanhood has never quite looked this way before. In many ways you are a pioneer on the leading edge of a new version of humanity.


The last 50 years to today has been a powerful time of transformation and paradigm shift in culture, technology, politics, spirituality and personal growth. But nowhere else has this shift been so apparent as in the changing landscape of gender, sexuality and relationships.


  • The collective woman’s voice is more present and powerful than ever before
  • Women have the power to choose, design and direct their own life path
  • Women are encouraged to embrace both feminine and masculine strengths and qualities
  • and women are no longer expected to settle for a relationship that does not meet all  her needs


While these are all really exciting, empowering and necessary evolutionary progressions, as with all major changes, there can be challenges. This new uncharted terrain can be a confusing place to navigate. This new place of possibility raises questions such as;


  • “How can I develop and authentically express both my masculine power and my feminine radiance?”
  • “How am I to find a partner who can meet me in my power as well as my mystery?”
  • “How am I to remain true to my Souls natural expression while creating the new paradigm?”


As a man who has been studying and deeply exploring this new paradigm for many years, both personally and professionally, who has achieved the sacred marriage within, I will meet you , as your guide, consort and partner to help you explore these questions and more, depending on your personal needs and circumstances.


There are some options below for how we can work together depending on your specific needs. Please click below to find out more.

The (R)Evolutionary Lover

Exquisite Loving

An 8 week personalised 1 on 1 relationship and intimacy coaching program

for women of any age or sexual orientation

The (R)Evolutionary Woman

(R)Evolutionary Woman

 A 3 month intensive, structured and customised coaching
program to give all aspects of your life a total re-boot