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The (R)Evolutionary Man Mentorship Program


Brother, welcome and thank you for your interest in the (R)Evolutionary Man Mentorship Program!


I imagine you have found yourself here after feeling a call to find out more about how you can go deep into your own journey and create the life you desire with the guidance of someone who has walked the path before you.


Just by the fact that you have got this far I feel confident that you have a deep realisation that your life is meant for something greater than mediocrity. That there is a deep and profound urge to make your life count for something. And that, while you’ve come a long way so far, you feel the guidance of a man who has walked his talk, who has mapped the terrain in his own way, would be invaluable.


Well you’re in the right place and I’m grateful you’re here. Read on.

The Purpose

When I first got into men’s work about 15 years ago, the two core elements I sought were; deep and powerful mentorship and the support and brotherhood of good men who were also doing their best to navigate the gifts and challenges of manhood in today’s world. At that time this was something sorely lacking in my life and something I strongly needed. I have been extremely fortunate to have had some amazing mentors and I continue to benefit from many deep brotherhood connections, and this will always be an immensely important part of my life. To have a connection with like minded, like hearted men who have your back, who can call you on your crap, and who can go deep with you and meet you in all that you are, no holds barred, is a rare and powerful thing! And for men like you and I, who are ready and willing to do the work necessary to BE the best man we can be, to live as a force for love in the world, it is not only useful, it is crucial!


Approximately 20 years ago after a near death experience and subsequent journey with PTSD and depression I made a commitment to make my life’s work a dedication to support men and boys, to serve the world by helping men become the best men they can be. I have been immensely privileged to work with hundreds of men from all walks of life as a coach, facilitator and psychotherapist, from CEOs to violent perpetrators, from special forces opps to spiritual seekers. I have been consistently humbled by this work and I am utterly grateful for this opportunity to play an important role in their life. This work has been profound, powerful and sorely needed in the world, not only for the men themselves, but for all who’s life they touch.


This work has evolved as my own life journey has evolved. There have been many twits and turns, growth edges and challenges. As I have continued to place myself at the feet of my work I have had to respond to the ways it needs to adapt and change according to the need of my audience and how I can best serve. I recently came to the understanding that my mens work needed to take a big shift. I felt that it was going to end all together for a while. But what has become apparent is that my identity as a “men’s coach” had to die to make place for something new. As I have gone through a big shift in my own maturation process so has my work – I have moved from Coach to Mentor and The (R)Evolutionary Man Mentorship Program is an answer to this next phase in my work.


In my coaching work I would have a man much like yourself come and work with me for a period of time and then when we’re done off he goes into his life. We would do great work no doubt, but I often wondered how much of the work he would actually take with him and implement into his life for his continuous growth and development? I know very well how easy it is to go deep in some intensive experience to then go back into life, and the same old patterns and behaviours start to creep back in! I know how important it is to have some form of follow through and continued support for growth.


I can see that there are some crucial areas in our world where we need good men to play a big part in the continued evolution of humanity. We need men who are actively doing the work to integrate their full spectrum selves, to clear their shadow, who are ready to serve from a place beyond personal agenda and self importance, who have the emotional and spiritual competency to truly hold another through their growth. The world is crying out for good men to play a crucial role in the way that only they can. This is where I can best serve now – to help other men bring their unique gifts to the world, to help men discover, develop and LIVE their SOUL’s deepest PURPOSE, and to be their guide and companion along their journey.

The (R)Evolutionary Man Mentorship Program is
  • A 12 month Soul Centred initiatory program for men who are driven to make their life matter
  • An opportunity to work towards specific goals and growth areas in life, love and purpose
  • An opportunity to gain from the mistakes and triumphs, the wisdom and insights of a man who’s been where you are, who has walked his walk and successfully created an amazing life dedicated to his Soul Mission.
  • An arena where you get to go deep into your interior, chase your shadows, clear what’s in the way of you fully showing up
  • A place to learn, explore and apply the practicalities of Soul centred business and entrepreneurship, where you are fully supported to align your life to your Soul’s purpose.  
  • A community where we can feel safe and supported to lay our innermost truths on the line and still be met with love and support.
  • A laboratory where together we can explore the big questions, and discover how best to meet the challenges of this time.
  • An incubator for the nourishment of our own individual and collective ideas, personal goals and creative pursuits.
Who is the (R)Evolutionary Man Mentorship Program for

While there are no specific “pre-requisites” for a man to be accepted into this program, it is not for everyone. This is a deep commitment, both for the participant and for me, so it is important that we have the right fit. Here is a guideline for the sort of man I feel this program will appeal to and who will fit well:

  • A man who has already committed themselves to their ongoing internal work. This probably isn’t the first thing they’ve done.
  • A man who recognises that he is a continuously evolving work in progress.
  • He is ready and open to learn and grow, receive reflection and feedback but is also self responsible and directed.
  • A man who feels a deep call in the core of his being to be of service to the lives of others and to the world. And he has a strong desire to create a life and career aligned with this call. 
  • He is likely feeling called to enter into a helping oriented field i.e. coaching, therapy, Tantra, bodywork, healing arts.
  • He may have already begun his journey to create his Souls Purpose but recognises that ongoing support will be of huge benefit.
  • He is HUNGRY and ready to go
The Structure

The (R)Evolutionary Man Mentorship Program is a combination of 1 on 1 support along with a closed community of men who are also on the journey.


When you enroll you will get:


  • 12 months of in-depth mentoring support
  • Fortnightly 1 on 1 personalised 90 minute video mentorship sessions
  • Quarterly 1 day in person immersion (location dependant)
  • Monthly virtual Men’s Group
  • Membership to a closed Facebook group where we can all remain connected and in communication between calls
  • Opportunities to attend and assist at some of Nic’s events
  • Access to regular support from me or other members of the group

So brother, does this feel like something you want to be a part of?

If you’re feeling the call then click the button below to book in a suitable time to have an introductory call to discuss your needs, answer any questions and make sure we’re a good fit.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and continuing onto this next chapter of your journey together.