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Men’s Work

Men, firstly I want to thank you for being here. The wold really needs good men who are ready and willing to take responsibility and do what it takes to become great men. The fact that you’re here reading these words means you’re at least thinking about this, so thank you.


We are living in a really exciting and challenging chapter in the human story. The world of manhood has never looked the way it does today. The landscape of gender and sexuality has dramatically changed over the last 50 years and we’re all still working out how to navigate this strange new world.


What does it mean to be a man in todays world?


Like you I’m sure, Ive been pondering this big question for much of my life and I believe we’re at a time where we are involved in a radical re-imagining of what it means. There are no examples that have laid the way before us. The old ideas of what manhood meant are outdated and will not cut it today. The world is calling us up to be more than what our forefathers were able to be


Men, we have a powerful opportunity to actively participate in our own Evolution, to create a Revolution of Manhood!


  • To examine and challenge the outdated ideas of what it means to “be a man”
  • To acknowledge and learn from the goals and the misses of our past
  • To own, develop and master the fullness of who we are
  • To authentically express our hearts deepest truth
  • To explore, embody and express our own unique version of manhood free from the masks we have hidden behind
  • And to have the courage to stand up and make our life count

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As I dived deeply into this big question it also became my work. I have spent the last 12 years or so working as a Psychotherapist and Coach, fueled by a passion to help men re-imagine and re-create their life, to be their own best version of a great man, a great partner, a great father and a great ticket holding contributor to this amazing thing called the human race. I have worked with men from all walks of life, from prison inmates to CEO’s, from special forces operatives to average Joes, from school boys to domestic violence perpetrators.


What I have come to know through my work with thousands of men is that behind the masks and identities that each man has created for himself, there is a little boy desperately trying to find his way to manhood, and to do that well. We all struggle with many of the same things and most of our challenges come down to the unachievable and obsolete measure of manhood that we’ve all been aiming for.


My deep sense, and what I have learnt through my experience and my work, is that we have outgrown the old paradigm and we are evolving into a new phase of manhood.  We are being called up to become a more whole, more real, more embodied and more integral version of man, and I call this The (R)Evolutionary Man. 


As the Back Bone of the (R)Evolutionary Man I developed a progressive and integrated model I call the Pillar of Potency.


The Pillar of Potency is a bit like a Native American totem pole, made up of four distinct tiers, each with It’s own meaning and wisdom. The Tiers are built on top of each other as we run upwards from the bottom. Each section building on the previous but recognising that without the previous it has nothing to rest upon. There is no hierarchy in this model, each is as important as the other and without one section being integrated and mastered we are less than whole. As we progress up the pillar from tier to tier, we both transcend and include. What is especially crucial when erecting such a pole is that the foundations are strong and deep, so we must give tier 1 a great deal of attention.


The four tiers of the Pillar of Potency are:


Tier 1 – PRESENCE – our relationship to our authentic lived experience in the moment

Tier 2 – POWER – our ability to create our own life on our own terms, no holds barred

Tier 3 – PASSION – our relationship to love, expression and the courage of the heart

Tier 4 – PURPOSE – our relationship to the bigger picture, why the fuck am I here?


There are a few options available for you to work with me on your journey of (R)Evolutionary Manhood to work with me, according to your specific needs and desires.


Please click below to learn more about how we can work together.

The (R)Evolutionary Man Initiation

A 4 month group initiatory program for men of any age who wish to journey through the (R)Evolutionary Man program with other like minded, like hearted men.

The (R)Evolutionary Man Intensive

Silhouette of man

A 3 month intensive and customised 1 on 1 coaching program for men of any age who really want to go deep into their inner world with the power of a more intimate experience

The (R)Evolutionary Man Mentorship

A one year mentorship program for men who feel the call to become coaches themselves, to support other men in becoming their own best versions of (R)Evolutionary Men

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