The (R)Evolutionary Man -
Relationship, Intimacy and Sexuality Coaching and Psychotherapy
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The (R)Evolutionary Man

The (R)Evolutionary Man Coaching Program is a 3 month (12 session), dynamic and intensive, structured yet personalised coaching program designed to offer you an integrated approach to your overall health and wellbeing.


During the (R)Evolutionary Man coaching program you will be guided through a process of self inquiry and personal leadership, to:


  • Amplify your overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Develop a sense of presence so you can respond to the moment instead of being reactive
  • Become the master of your emotions instead of their puppet
  • Cultivate a healthy and responsible relationship with your power
  • Become more confident in all of your relationships
  • Become a more passionate, masterful and long lasting lover
  • Connect with a deep sense of meaning and purpose in your life
  • Relax in the knowing that your life is being well lived

The (R)Evolutionary Man Coaching Program is an answer to the call that we’re all feeling as men today. It is a customised, Soul centred, initiatory program which uses a fusion of 1 on 1 coaching, psycho-emotional processes and Soul technologies to equip you with the tools, the self awareness and the motivation to align your life with your own unique expression of manhood.


The (R)Evolutionary Man program is guided by Nic Tovey’s exclusive model of manhood, the four tiered Pillar of Potency, as its backbone:



Tier 2 – POWER

Tier 3 – PASSION

Tier 4 – PURPOSE


Using the Pillar of Potency as the backbone we follow the initiatory steps of the Hero’s Journey as our map. The Hero’s Journey is a timeless formula of initiation, a rite of passage, a transition from one phase of life and state of being to the next more complete, more authentic and more integrated way of being.


The formula of initiation has been followed and utilised in all cultures, across the globe and for all of time, and has been passed down through the generations through mythology, art, culture and sacred practice.


In simple terms the Hero’s Journey is divided into three distinct phases:


  • Separation – departure from the known, familiar and habitual reality to head off into the unknown.
  • Ordeal – Facing one’s dragons. A time of trials, challenges and temptation to return to the known comforts of the old world.
  • Return – The Hero returns the same person but profoundly changed.


So with the map in hand, The Pillar of Potency at our back, some clear goals and objectives in mind, a pack loaded full with tools, tips and resources, and most importantly, the will to proceed with a sense for adventure, let us set off together and enjoy the journey.


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“The great mission of our day is not conquering the sea or space, disease or tyranny. The grand quest which calls to the hero in every one of us is to become fully alive--to stand up and claim our birthright, which is inner freedom, love and radiant purpose. By fulfilling this, we transform the world.” ― Jacob Nordby