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(R)Evolutionary Relationship

Do you desire to take your relationship from good to amazing?


Do you long to ignite a blazing inferno of passion between you?


Would you like to break down all the barriers in the way of a deep, intimate connection?


And would you like to co-create a relationship that serves as the incubator of your individual and collective growth?


The (R)Evolutionary Relationship Coaching program may be an answer to what you seek


Just like people, relationships evolve over time. We are constantly changing, shifting and growing and so it is futile to imagine that what worked for us yesterday should work for us today.


EVOLUTION is passive and gradual change over time. REVOLUTION is dramatic and immediate change. The difference between the two is inspired and intentional action. So rather than passively allowing your relationship to putter along to who knows where, why not REVOLUTIONISE it!

What is involved?

The (R)Evolutionary Relationship Program is a structured and dynamic coaching program which caters to your specific relational needs, challenges and goals.


The program consists of 12 x 90 minute coaching sessions. (Most sessions are couples sessions but the program can include individual 1 on 1 work).


You will receive homework and home play tasks to complete between sessions. This is where the rubber really meets the road!


And you will have access to me throughout the program via message to ask any questions or get my reflections on any roadblocks you come up against.


Guided by the 4 Pillars of the (R)Evolutionary Relationship; AUTHENTICITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, ADVOCACY & ABUNDANCE, I will partner with you both to lead you through a deep transformational process where together you will:


  • get really clear on what works for each of you and what doesn’t
  • learn to communicate with a level of clarity like never before
  • align both your individual and relational values
  • develop skills to cultivate deep and sustainable intimacy
  • co-create a vision for your relationship which nurtures the growth, needs and desires of both individuals
  • explode your sexual connection to previously unimagined levels
  • and to (R)Evolutionise your relationship and take it to the next level
Who is This Program For?

The (R)Evolutionary Relationship Program is open to all types of human in all types of relationship! You may have been together for a week or a decade. You may be in the midst of relationship crisis or you’d just really love to up-skill and do things better.


Here are the most important pre-requisites for this transformational work:

  • you see that your relationship is well worth investing your time, energy, effort and money into
  • you are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to turn things around, even when it gets hard
  • you have an open mind and are willing to listen, learn, discover and do things differently
  • you have the courage to be humble, own your part in the problems and move forward
Does This Feel Like the Way Forward For You?

That’s great! Before we dive right in click on the button below, send me massage with a few details, and we can then book in a free intro call to meet, ask any questions and make sure we’re a good fit. I can’t wait to meet you!