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men's group

A sneak peek into a Men’s Group

I’m writing this article to invite both men and women to take a sneak peek behind the door into the hallowed ground of a Men’s group, and I do this for a few reasons;   to eliminate any mystique to create a space for inclusion and understanding for the women and to get your support to reassure curious men that we don’t sit in a circle singing kumbaya or beating our chests but most of all, I want to share why I believe men’s groups are of crucial importance for us all today, men, women and children, and for the world.   I was first awakened to...

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Connection, my theme for 2016

Here we are guys, we survived the holidays and we’re two weeks into the New Year already! How is it feeling for you so far? Personally I’m finding 2016 a slow starter. Usually by this time I have some clear vision for the year ahead, I’m setting some goals and putting together an action plan. But this year it seems things are happening differently.   What I am clear about though is that my theme for 2016 is CONNECTION; to cultivate deep connection through practicing SIMPLICITY and PRESENCE and by setting CLEAR BOUNDARIES. This clarity came to me after a Christmas period...

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vulnerable man

Is the World Ready for a Vulnerable Man?

Last week I had the great pleasure of participating in a debate on masculinity in celebration of International Men’s day. The question for the evening’s discussion was “If masculinity is in crisis who needs to change, men or society?”   There were many fascinating and diverse perspectives shared on the subject (watch here), but there was a common thread running through them all; men today still find vulnerability very difficult. This is evidenced by the numbers of men who choose suicide in the face of despair. But what is equally important but rarely gets mentioned is that, society also finds it difficult...

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International Men’s Day – Masculinity Debate

Last week I was privileged to speak and participate in a fabulous debate at The International Men's Day Masculinity Debate, hosted and presented by Glen Poole from Talk About Men. It was a great evening with some rich, diverse and stimulating perspectives on some crucial topics. The event is now online at the following locations: You can listen to the entire unedited audio of the event on Soundcloud at Pete Nicholls' introduction (Dads in Distress) is up as a YouTube video at Nic Tovey's talk (Soulcraft) is up as a YouTube video at Greg Andresen's talk (One in Three Campaign) is up as a YouTube video at You can also read a...

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Is it time to move beyond feminism?

I’m lying in bed with my laptop at 2am, unable to sleep, with a gazillion words spinning around in my head which are just bursting to be written, so here goes, its rant time! The reason for my restless mind is, of all things, a frigging Facebook post, but it is SO SO much more than that. Those that know me and follow my work know that I have my opinions about certain things and generally I’m pretty vocal with them. Of course this means not everyone is going to agree and I’m going to piss some people off. I’m really ok...

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Receiving Ancient Wisdom

Last weekend I was blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to attend a life changing healing retreat in northern New South Wales which was facilitated by two of the most gifted and respected aboriginal elders this great land has to offer. These beautiful and inspiring people, both healers and keepers of the ancient wisdom of their respective sacred lineages, were Grandmother Jenny Thompson and Uncle Bob Randall, and here is a brief bio for each of them: Grandmother Jenny is a Wakka-Kabi woman from Southern QLD, and is a cultural and spiritual healer and story teller. She is the co-founder of...

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Happy Father’s Day

A huge shout out to all the dads on father’s day here in Australia and the other parts of the world who also celebrate this special day today. Today is a day to celebrate the fathers and the roles they have played in our life. We have all had our own unique experience of this first and most crucial relationship we have with a man, and we all have our own memories and impressions of the ways in which this man helped create, influence and shape our life. And I’m sure we can all find ways to criticise their choices, behaviours...

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